The Dying Day (by Max Loxton)
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“Ravi has wound its way through the western Pakistani city of Lahore for thousands of years. Yet on many days, the only living creatures seen by it are the kites that gracefully swoop down to collect chunks of meat, hurled by people standing on bridges spanning the river. The meat given to the birds is regarded as a religious ritual by many, just as feeding sparrows or ants are seen as good deeds smiled upon by Allah (God). There is also a superstition that anyone feeding the kites and crows at the Ravi will receive good fortune. This brings many to the river and also attracts vendors selling chunks of meat who set up their stalls early every morning.”.
Pakistani Children performing. (by IMRAN CHOHAN)
Pigeon nest on the Painted wall Lahore fort (by Abbrar Cheema)
Lahore Fort
Shish mahal.Lahore.Pakistan (by (s@jj@d)~`~DiL~AwAiZ~`~ (back))
Shish Mahal, Lahore, Pakistan.
"The Shish Mahal, in the northwest corner of Lahore Fort, is one of the most remarkable pavilions of its palace. Begun under Jahangir, it was completed by Shah Jahan. Its original purpose was to serve as a shah burj, where the sultan would discuss state affairs with his closest courtiers. Known as the ‘palace of mirrors’, it consists of apartments roofed with cupolas and decorated in a mirror mosaic style, ayina kari, with thousands of small mirrors called ‘Aleppo glass’ by the Mughals. The central portion of the façade is composed of five cusped marble arches supported by coupled columns in marble, with bases inlaid with precious stones. “
Shish Mahal (by Mano Billi)
Detail of Shish Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) at Lahore fort in Pakistan.
Built under Mughal rule by King Shah Jehan, it is an extension to Lahore Fort. Decorated entirely with cut mirrors and precious stones, lighting a single candle sets the whole pavilion aglow!
At night, lamps lit, light reflecting brilliantly from each miniscule shard of mirror, kings, princes, and noblemen, would watch classical dancers perform the complex and graceful “kathak” dance. 
Info taken from Pakistan Studies book.
Dancing in the Stars (by Ghani, Umair)
World Performing Arts Festival in Lahore, Pakisan. 
National Polo Championship 2009 Final (by khalilshah)
in Lahore
Badshahi Masjid (by khalilshah)